Cleveland Chapter

Cleveland Chapter

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Cleveland Chapter Activity 2018-2019* 

Over the past year, the Cleveland chapter has participated in voter registration events including voter registration at the local high schools, voter registration training, the annual ballot counting for the Cleveland Teacher’s Union, and a candidate forum co-sponsored with other LWVGC chapters. Our members continue to make a big impact on the Cleveland community every year through their continued advocacy. Our chapter members will have the opportunity to continue to positively impact our community whether it is through voter education and advocacy, observing city or county council, or participating in town halls, or other public policy issues. 

In 2019-2020, we will have a renewed focus on membership recruitment, ensuring that our members our actively engaged and involved in the public process, and building new relationships with community partners.

Again, the chapter will be hosting several New Member Informational Sessions for prospective new chapter members in or near downtown Cleveland. The meetings will be held quarterly and current members are encouraged to join the sessions to inspire, inform, and share experiences with prospective members.

In 2020, the League of Women Voters of Greater Cleveland will be celebrating 100 years. Since that time, the Cleveland Chapter of the League of Women Voters has served as a catalyst for change in the community. Since its’ beginning 100 years ago, League members have played a crucial role in grassroots activism. I encourage everyone to continue this tradition and explore the LWVGC’s training opportunities, attend training events and membership meetings, and continue to engage with other members to EDUCATE * ADVOCATE * PARTICIPATE!

Here’s to another exciting League year!

Leigh Tucker, Cleveland Chapter Chair

*Chapter report presented at the May 2019 LWVGC Annual Meeting